Fixed Price Quotes

The drive for cost certainty

The number one factor plaguing real estate transactions at contaminated sites is cost uncertainty. It’s almost a universal truth that the only thing we know for sure about cost estimates is that they’re wrong. Everyone has their favourite horror story about dramatic cost overruns, and we know several.

It’s not estimates.
But Quotes.
With Zero Risk.

The drive for cost certainty.

In particular, Environmental projects are notorious for their high budget over-runs. Why? It’s simply because they’re typically based on guesstimates with zero financial risk to the “expert” service provider. Is there that much uncertainty in environmental work? Is it reasonable for you to carry all the risk?

Dr. Harm Gross, the owner of NEXT Environmental Inc., challenged the appropriateness of this several years ago when his firm began fixing the cost of each step of contaminated site investigations. Over the past several years, the NEXT Team extended this concept to various types of remediation projects whereby one payment was all that was needed to apply for a Certificate of Compliance. Now, for the first time, remediation cost certainty means the cost of environmental compliance is only a line item on a spreadsheet.

Warren Buffet famously said “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing”. And we know what we’re doing! Today, we are the first (and only) BC environmental firm to provide Guaranteed Fixed Price Quotes for all jobs. Not estimates, but Quotes for all stages of investigation and remediation. With our tailored GFP Quotes, you know with absolute certainty what you will get and what it will cost. It’s that simple. It’s only fair. Zero Risk.

High Risk
Forecast based on “experience”
Medium-High Risk
Opinion of Probable Cost based on Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment.
Medium-Low Risk
Ballpark Estimate based on Unsigned and incomplete investigation.
Low Risk
Estimate based on Detailed Site Investigation.
Zero Risk
Guaranteed Fixed Price Quote.

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